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Here at Lycamobile we understand that keeping your current number takes the hassle out of changing phone networks. Because of this, not only will we never charge you to do so, but we’ll also reward you with 20zł extra top-up. You will receive 5 zł free credit for the first four top ups. Bonus credit will be added within 24 hours from the time of top-up.

How to Switch to Lycamobile:

Transferring your existing mobile number to Lycamobile is easy.

To transfer your number:
You need a new Lycamobile SIM card. If you do not have a Lycamobile SIM card, click here, and we will send it to you for free.
Register your new Lycamobile SIM card in one of our Partner’s point of sale.
Once Registered your New Lyca SIM card, you have to initiate a First Call to any of the Local Poland Number.
After completing SIM registration and First call activity, Please wait for 3 hours and then proceed further.
Select the below link, fill the requested details (Please make sure all the details given here, matches the details given for SIM registration) Lycamobile Portin and then submit.
You will receive a confirmation mail with an attached PDF document to your personal E-Mail address which you have provided while submitting the Request above.
Once you have received the PDF document , Please take a print-out of the PDF Document, duly sign it and then send the below document to the E-Mail or Postal Address which was mentioned in the received confirmation mail. Please do not make any manual corrections in any part of the below document.
Duly signed PDF Document

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