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Auto Top-up

Lyca Mobile is offering 10% EXTRA FREE CREDIT + FREE ADDITIONAL GB for the online topup.

If you topup for 10zł then you will get 10% extra from 10zł which is 1zł and it will automatically added to your main balance account. (For 20 zł – 2zł ; 30zł – 3zł ; 50zł – 5zł and 100zł – 10zł).

Free additional GB are as follows : Top up here

Top Up *Free GB Validity *GB Status
10zł 1GB 5 days *136#
20zł 3GB 15days *136#
30zł 10GB 30days *136#
50zł 20GB 30days *136#
100zł 100GB 30days *136#

For More information, please contact our customer service : 322 or 729 200 322.

Terms and Conditions

The free internet data can be used for the certain period of the time, as shown above, and can be used in the home country only not available for roaming. Once the customer does the topup then the additional GB packages will be awarded automatically to your account and inorder to check the status of your awarded data dial*136#

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