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As a company that provides products and services over the internet, we understand the importance of security. For this reason, we have created highly secure facilities to give you confidence when making an online payment and when you provide your personal details to us. Security and fraud protection are important to us and are highly monitored in all parts of our website where applicable.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your details when they are sent from your computer to our system. This ensures that your details are kept private except where we have advised you otherwise in our terms and conditions.

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Secure Website

When you log into your My Lyca Mobile account and you process a payment, a padlock will be visible in the search bar of your web browser. This means that you are in secure mode which you should always be in when entering personal or payment details on any website.

Being in secure mode means all your details are encrypted for increased security (128 bit). We use advanced encryption by Network Solutions Certificate Authority so that your card details are safe.

Our Tip: Always close your internet browser after you have processed an online payment, especially when you have used a shared computer. This will usually delete temporary Internet cookies from any sites that you may have visited and log you out from your account on transactional websites.

Secure Online Payments

Lyca Mobile participates in Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode for added online payment security. These services are offered by Visa and MasterCard, in association with the bank that has issued your credit / debit card. It is aimed at protecting your details when making online payments by ensuring your card is not being used by someone else and is now becoming a standard across all eCommerce websites.

Internet Fraud and Phishing

Lyca Mobile may send you emails from time to time but we would never send an email asking for your security information or log on details, or direct you to a web page that asks for this information. If you receive an email that appears to be from Lyca Mobile that you suspect is fraudulent, do not click on any links contained within the email or provide any credit card or log on details. If you are not sure how to identify a phishing email please click on the following link read more about cybercrime.

Customer Notification :

Lyca Mobile Sp. z o.o. received an initial notification of an incident from an external Provider on August 10, 2021 that there was a security incident related to the impact of malware on our external Provider's systems. Lyca Mobile and the Supplier have taken preventive and recovery actions to explain the incident and its analysis is ongoing. However, it is probable that this event could result in unauthorized access to customer databases. The event could concern, in particular, data processed under the contract for the provision of telecommunications services: surname and first name, mailing or registered address, PESEL identification number or identity document, e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth, NIP / REGON.

Due to the safety of our clients, although the unauthorized use of data is only probable and unconfirmed, we would like to inform you that there is a probability that the event may potentially have consequences for the data subject, such as: on:

– obtaining access to the use of healthcare services by third parties;
– exercising unlawful civic rights, for example to vote on civic budget funds;
– extortion of insurance or insurance funds;
– third parties obtaining access to funds;
– unauthorized registration of a prepaid calling card;
– unauthorized obtaining of credits / loans from non-banking institutions;
– unauthorized conclusion of a contract for the provision of services, e.g. cable TV, telephone, Internet.

Lyca Mobile has taken preventive measures, including on:

- informing customers;

In addition, the supplier has confirmed the removal of malware from the systems.

In accordance with applicable law and the guidelines of the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Lyca Mobile informs that in order to prevent possible attempts of unauthorized use of data, remedial measures may be taken in the form of:

- reporting to the Police any attempts of unauthorized use of data;

- blocking the identity document at the bank;

- taking advantage of the possibility of setting up a paid account in the credit and economic information system and activating BIK alerts. More information is available on the BIK website ;
- take advantage of the opportunity to open an account free of charge and obtain information about your financial obligations from economic information offices (BIG). More information on the website:;
- be careful when providing data via the Internet. The targeted messages, e.g. in SMS messages, e-mails, should be carefully analyzed to avoid e.g. a phishing attack.

In connection with the situation, Lyca Mobile informed the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection and reported it to the law enforcement authorities.

Contact regarding the incident: Lyca Mobile Customer Service Department, to the following
tel. 729 200 322, or in writing to the address of Lyca Mobilee Sp. z o.o., Lyca Mobile Sp. z o. o. ul. Wincentego Rzymowskiego 34 building R34 02-697 Warsaw,
or the Inspector of Personal Data Protection: Marc Payne
(The problem with the number porting occurred between "09/08/2021" to "17/08/2021")

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