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Registering SIM cards with Lycamobile

Registering SIM cards with Lycamobile

Recently the Anti-terrorist Act has become effective. The Act imposes an obligation on operators to register Prepaid SIM cards. Lycamobile has prepared solutions, which will allow you to register your SIM card in convenient and fast way.

How to register?

Please visit one of our Partner’s points of sale with your Polish ID card (karta pobytu or dowód osobisty) or Passport and the sim card you want to register.

Where to register?

Registration will be possible at a number of our Partner’s points of sale.

Register in Store

Data security

Remember, your data is safe. They are protected under the Protection of Personal Data Act and will be stored in Lycamobile.

Questions and answers about the SIM card registration

Why do you need to register your SIM card?

Necessity of SIM card registration results from the Anti-Terroristic Act introduced on 25th of July 2016, which requires operators to collect data from users. The obligation applies to all operators. Without registration, the new SIM card will not be active.

What information do I need to provide?

Name, surname, PESEL number or number and series of identity document (ID card, passport and for foreigners from outside the EU – Residence Permit).

I am already a Prepaid user, until when do I have time to register my number?

SIM cards activated before the introduction of the Act will be active until 01.02.2017. You must register your SIM card till this day. In case of the lack of registration, your SIM card will be disabled/blocked.

What will happen if I do not register my number?

According to the Act, all unregistered numbers will be deactivated on 01.02.2017. In practice, this means you will lose the number and all funds on your account.

Until when do I need to register my number?

New customers will be obligated to register their SIM cards from 25/07/2016 and existing customers have time till 01.02.2017.

I'm underage. How do I register my SIM card?

A minor who has an identity document (ID card or passport) and is at least 13 years old may register SIM card on his/her own. In the case of minors under 13 years old and minors who do not have an identity document, registration is possible by an adult, for example guardian, parent.

I have a number with another operator. Can I register my number with Lycamobile?

Yes, but first you need to transfer your number to Lycamobile.

How long does it take to activate the SIM card?

Your sim card will be activated within 24 hours from registration (Between the office hours, if not on the following day)

I register my SIM card, despite this it was blocked. What can I do?

Please contact our Customer Service on: 729 200 322.

My SIM card stopped working. How can I register it now?

All numbers that have been deactivated after 1st of February 2017, can still be registered at one of our Partner’s point of sales (you can find the here). The registration can be done using the phone or PUK number and the serial number of the SIM card (ICCID). You can view the serial number of your SIM card on the screen by dialling: *160#.

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